Technical Parameters

Processing range

X axis
Y1 axis(双钻头,孔距145)                   0-500                mm
Y2 axis(双钻头,孔距130)
                   0-900                mm

The movement precision
X axis
                   ±0.3                mm
Y1 axis                   ±0.3                mm
Y2 axis                   ±0.3                mm
 Drilling diameter
                Φ6-Φ50                mm

The cycle of drilling
φ10 mm 孔径(以卖方提供钻头数据)                   ≤8                  s
φ20 mm 孔径(以卖方提供钻头数据)                   ≤15                  s
The movement speedX axis
Y1 axis 
                   0-50                mm/s
Y2 axis                   0-50                mm/s
The speed of screw propulsionZ1 Z2  Z3 Z4 axis                   0-3                mm/s
Z5 Z6  Z7 Z8 axis                   0-3                mm/s
Overall size                                                        LXWXH    4300x3900x1660mm
The high of the table                                                        900+/-20 mm
Glass thickness
                                                        4-12 mm
The max glass size                                                        2000X1200
 The min glass size                                                        1600X300(钻孔时按客户提供图示要求)

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